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What Is a Will?

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As you plan for the future, it's important to draft a legally binding will. A will is a document that provides the courts with information about who should receive your assets after you pass away. Duggan Law can help you write your will to create a secure, understood plan for the future.

Attorney Duggan can also help you establish an agreement for the devolution of your estate at death. This means that if you or your spouse passes away, the surviving spouse will receive 100% of their remaining assets. This helps widows and widowers avoid the difficult probate process.

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Move your loved one's will through probate

When someone passes away, their will has to move through the probate process before any assets can be distributed. Probate is designed to validate your loved one's will to make sure it's legal and legitimate. If your loved one didn't have a will, their estate will also need to go through probate to organize the distribution of assets.

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