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Estate Planning and Probate

Michael Duggan Law provides estate planning and probate administration services in Caldwell, Nampa, and Canyon County, Idaho area. Every Probate and Estate Planning case is unique, and we work with you to make sure that your family is taken care of in the event of your passing.


A Will is a written document that passes property to beneficiaries through Probate.  Probate is a court process where a Will is filed with the courts, and the estate is then administered by a probate administrator. As a Will drafting attorney in Caldwell, Nampa, and Canyon County, Idaho area, we work with our clients to make sure that your property is distributed according to your will.

Devolution on Death Agreements – an agreement between spouses which allows all the property to pass to the surviving spouse at the death of the first spouse and avoids the need to probate after the death of the first spouse.

Probate – the process by which the debts of a deceased person are paid and the remaining property is re-titled and passed to the recipients under the Will or the heirs of the estate if there is no Will.


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